115′ KB International commercial sportfisher

27133 - CN Bank 002_500

Condition & Valuation

Client: Removed for privacy Date of report: November 29, 2012
Our File #: 12-27755
Location: Removed for privacy Date of inspection: November 21, 2012


Builder:         California Sportfishers/ Doc. #:               Removed for privacy
           KB International
Model/type: Long range Engine/MFG:     Two Caterpillar 3412
Year:              2007 (model year) H.P. per:              764
Length:          115’ (without jet drives) Serial numbers: S – Removed for privacy
Draft:              7’ (approx.)                           P – Removed for privacy
Beam:            27.3′ Type of install.:  Diesel, 12 cylinders,
Name:           “Removed for privacy”                 twin turbocharged, jet drives
HIN:               None Generator:         Two Caterpillar SR4
Hailing Port:  Removed for privacy


The vessel was inspected while afloat. Hull construction material is steel. Deck is constructed of steel and above deck structures are constructed of steel. Bulkheads are constructed of steel. Overall condition of the hull structure appears good – excellent. The vessel’s weight is unknown. Exterior rails and hardware appear good. Cosmetic condition of vessel appears satisfactory externally and satisfactory internally. Vessel’s external colors are white with blue and gray stripes on superstructure. Below waterline through hull fittings appear good. The vessel is equipped with two electric bilge pumps and a manifold pick up system that appear good and the bilge is holding minimal water. The ventilation system consists of engine room blowers and natural ventilation and appears good. General housekeeping appears good. The condition of the coring, in the stringers, deck, and elsewhere as applicable, is beyond the scope of this inspection.

Summary: Good


Engines’ external surfaces appear satisfactory – good and exhibit no significant rust, oil or coolant leaks. Engine hour meter exhibits 1,800 hours; there are likely 24,000 hours on engines per the engineer. Motor mounts appear good. Cooling systems appear good. Fuel systems and components appear good. Exhaust systems and components appear good. Electrical system and components appear good. Engine control systems appear good and shaft logs appear good. Steering control systems appear good and rudder ports appear good. Propulsion components were not inspected. Generator surfaces and motor mounts appear good. Generator’s peripheral components and systems appear good. Port generator’s serial # 9AB07608, starboard generator’s serial # 9AB07607. Waste system and components appear good. General service seawater systems appear good.

Summary: Good


There is 20,000 gallon capacity in four steel tanks located amidships and forward. Fuel tank surfaces are mostly not visible and the securing mechanism appears good – excellent. The fuel fill, vent, feed and return lines and components appear good.

Summary: Good


The AC shore cords, inlets and connections appear good. The AC wiring and outlets appear good. The AC main feed are protected with circuit breakers. Battery arrangement appears good. Batteries are equipped with disconnect switches. DC wiring appears good. Circuit protection for the AC and DC branch system appears good. Wire terminations and connections appear good. Wire organization and arrangement appears good.

Summary: Good


Vessel has two CO2 and ten dry chemical portable fire extinguishers with current certification (February 2010). Vessel has a CO2 (three bottle) fixed fire suppression system with current (February 2011) certification. The safety components include: numerous PFDs and a life ring with MOB light and throw rope, one life ring and one life ring with MOB light; distress flares with current certification; two twenty person life rafts with current certification (April 2011); three 250 lb. anchors with chain and line rode that appears satisfactory – good. Navigational and anchor lights appear good (not tested). Other safety equipment includes: fire pump with three stations, engine room escape hatch, high water alarm, EPIRB (not inspected), Furuno emergency distress transmitter, passenger cabin area escape hatches.

Summary: Good


The vessel was inspected at its normal slip location. Line condition and arrangement appears good. Boarding hazards appear insignificant.

Summary: Good


Accessories include: Five below deck bait well/fish holds with 27 ton capacity (chilled water), 800 scoop cockpit bait tanks, 700 scoop bow bait tanks, two 1250 gallon water tanks, hydraulic steering with two actuators, Naiad fin stabilizers, oil transfer pump, internal sea strainers, Racor fuel filters, Twin Disc MG5222DC transmissions – ratio 4.03:1, port serial number 3AN-041, starboard serial number 3AN-040, engine mounted instrumentation includes two pyrometers, two digital tachometers, six pressure gauges, two temperature and two ammeters, two McCarron battery chargers, tolls and tool boxes, engine room alarm panel, engine room electrical distribution panel and gauges include three AC volts, two hertz, four AC ammeters and a source selector switch, fuel transfer system, sea chests, GE transformer – 45 KVa, Murphy switches on engine coolant reservoirs, drill press, two water makers, bait pumps, eight cameras, two water pressure pumps with accumulator tank, two side cockpit boarding gates, cockpit floodlights, PA system, hydraulic windlass, forward floodlights, crane, four upper deck freezers, upper deck floodlights, crow’s nest, side floodlights, Morse electronic engine controls with pilothouse and two external wing stations, electronic follow up steering controls with pilothouse and two external wing stations, pilothouse engine instrumentation includes two digital tachometers, two temperature, three pressure and two pyrometers, generator gauges on generators and at pilothouse helm, two tank level monitors, Furuno side scanning sonar, four monitors, second sonar, two Furuno Navnet controllers, two radars, two chart plotters, Furuno AIS (FA-150), IM or SAT telephone, Iridium telephone, two computers, Furuno RD-30 unit, two VHF radios, Simrad AP50 autopilot, Simrad R135 rudder angle indicator, Simrad Taiyo ADDF TD-L 1630, Wesmar bow thruster, Stidd pedestal helm chair, Furuno FS-15033 SSB, ICOM IC-V8000 2 meter radio, AC & DC voltmeters, Furuno GPS/WAAS navigator, Furuno Navtex NX-700, Intellion satellite TV, second satellite TV system, crew quarters includes ahead and three cabins on pilothouse level, three air conditioner units with controls in every cabin, nineteen televisions, sea water temperature gauge, ship’s clock and barometer, numerous electrical sub panels, one head, four heads with shower, twelve cabins – guest, four table dining area, Hoshizaki icemaker, beverage dispenser, Cube air icemaker, commercial galley with dish washing station, two walk in refrigerators, three ovens, two grills, four burner stove, microwave oven and hood, hot service area, small appliances, beverage sink, coffeemaker, saloon window blinds, G.F.C.I. outlets, two water heaters


The vessel is a steel luxury long range passenger charter fishing vessel. The current owner stated that the original builder passed away and he assumed responsibility for the completion of the vessel. He stated that one objective of the construction of this vessel was to allow conversion to a yacht. The vessel has had a 4’ extension by the transom. The vessel was designed by J. J. Mailian & Donn Kaylor. The vessel was built in Wilmington, California. The vessel holds a current certificate of inspection which allows twenty-six passengers on long range excursions and eight crew members. One of the captains, “RP”, stated that he was aware of no problems with the vessel or any significant events in the vessel’s history, such as submersions, collisions, fires etc… He stated that the vessel handles extremely well and handles better after the extension. The vessel is actively and well maintained. The inspection was performed at the slip; maintenance was in progress on many areas of the vessel and the engines. The appearance and finish of the vessel is at the high end of commercial sportfishing vessels in the Southern California area. The vessel is well suited for its intended purpose as a long range charter fishing vessel.

Overall Summary: Good – Excellent



The actual cash value is the value that our research approximates the selling price of this vessel should be, at the time and place of our inspection. The actual cash value is best determined by a thorough market search to determine what vessels are available on the market, followed by negotiations between the interested parties. Consideration is given to vessel’s condition, geographic location, published listings and guides, comparable sales and listings, and market conditions. The new replacement value is the cost of this or a similar, new vessel, comparably equipped. The investment is the reported investment including purchase price and significant upgrades. No values include maintenance costs, storage or tax. Note – This is a unique vessel with very little information available regarding comparable sales or listings. Our research revealed a wide range of values and the value above is based on a compilation of the data.

C & V Form Key: All systems are rated based upon their appearance, ratings include: Not examined, Not applicable, Faulty, Marginal, Satisfactory, Good, Excellent.


These recommendations are the surveyor’s ideas and suggestions for addressing deficiencies with damaged or suspect components or systems found during survey or general improvements . The primary recommendations address safety items, structural issues, operational issues or deficiencies which the surveyor determines are of greater importance or more expense than secondary deficiencies. For instance, items that pose a risk to passenger safety or immediate property damage are listed under primary deficiencies and cosmetic concerns are addressed in the comments and usually they are discussed at the time of the inspection.


1. There are indications of water leaks at the port generator’s exhaust system. The water leaks have left salt crystals about the water injection fitting. Service to eliminate any water leaks and clean salt crystals to allow detection of any future water leaks and to prevent corrosion.
2. Service to eliminate any water leaks or weeps at the port engine’s exhaust discharge fitting. There are salt crystals in this location. Clean to remove salt crystals to allow detection of any future weeps or leaks.
3. There are salt crystals accumulated at several locations overhead in the engine room including at a PVC fitting to port aft and overhead, the port side of the aft engine room bulkhead, on the starboard side of the aft engine room bulkhead and on both sides overhead forward in the engine room. Many of these leaks appear to be at PVC components, service to eliminate any weeps or leaks, clean salt crystals in this area and rust and corrosion on components below these leaks as necessary.
4. There is hydraulic fluid aft of the starboard generator, service to eliminate the source of the fluid, clean to allow detection of any future weeps or leaks.
5. There is heavy debris in the forward Racor bowls, between the engines. Clean the fuel filter bowls and fuel as necessary.
6. There is salt on a pump fitting aft of the starboard transmission, service to eliminate any weeps or leaks. Clean to remove the salt to allow detection of any future weeps or leaks. Clean to remove the salt to allow detection of any future weeps or leaks.
7. Exercise caution with respect to storage location of flammable components  including teak oil, propane, etc… We encourage storing components which are not used underway off of the vessel (teak oil). We encourage storing flammable components such as propane (small bottle in engine room) in a vapor tight container vented only to the atmosphere.


1. There is a loose ballast to port in the engine room, properly secure the ballast to prevent movement in heavy weather conditions.
2. An electrical panel to starboard forward in the engine room does not fit well over panel, modify as necessary.
3. We could not determine the inspection date for the fixed extinguishing system serving the engine room (located in a locker to port near the ntry to the main saloon). Assure that it has current certification or address appropriately.
4. The vessel was briefly operated during a survey. We did not test the function of all components for the vessel however most components are properly functional and the vessel is active. The owner stated that most components are original, including the engines , transmissions, generators, and most of the electronics.


This survey sets forth the condition of the vessel and components, as specifically stated only, at the time of inspection and represents the surveyor’s honest and unbiased opinion. The submitting of this report should not be construed as a warranty or guaranty of the condition of the vessel, nor does it create any liability on the part of Christian & Company or the individual surveyor. No part of the vessel was disassembled or removed and no assumptions should be made as to the condition of concealed components. Specifics were obtained from sources available at the time of inspection and are believed correct, but are not guaranteed to be accurate. This inspection was performed for the expressed purpose of obtaining insurance, and should provide the information necessary for underwriting purposes, if any additional information is required, please contact the undersigned. This survey report is not intended for use as a “buyer’s survey.”

Christian & Company, Marine Surveyors, Inc.

_______________________                     February 24th 2011
By: Mr. Kells Christian, Surveyor                      Date
S.A.M.S. – A.M.S. # 301