38′ American Marine grand banks



Condition & Valuation


Client:       Removed for privacy Date of report:       December 11, 2015


Our file #:             Removed for privacy


Location:   Driscoll Boat Works Date of inspection: December 9 & 10 2015
                  2500 Shelter Island Drive
                  San Diego, CA 92106




Builder:       American Marine Ltd. Former Doc. #:   Removed for privacy
Model/type: Grand Banks 36 Classic trawler Reg. #:               Removed for privacy
Year:           1966 Engine/MFG:       Two Ford Lehman
Length:         38’  (LOA) H.P. per:             120
Draft:           3.5’ Serial numbers:   Not seen
Beam:         12.5’ Type of instal. :   Diesel, inboard,
Name:         Removed for privacy 6 cylinders
HIN:             Removed for privacy Generator:           None
Hailing Port:         None





The vessel was inspected while hauled and afloat. Hull construction material is wood (plank on frame).  Deck is constructed of wood and above deck structures are constructed of wood.  Bulkheads are constructed of wood.  Overall condition of the hull structure appears satisfactory.  The vessel’s weight is unknown.  Exterior rails and hardware appear satisfactory.  Trawler mast and standing rigging appears satisfactory.  Cosmetic condition of vessel appears marginal externally and marginal internally.  Vessel’s external colors are white.  Below waterline through hull fittings appear satisfactory.  The vessel is equipped with one manual, one electric and two electric / automatic bilge pumps that appear satisfactory and the bilge is holding minimal water.  The ventilation system consists of natural ventilation and appears satisfactory.  General housekeeping appears satisfactory.


Summary: Satisfactory




  1. Starboard transom, 2” bronze slotted, good
  2. Starboard aft of amidships between keel and chine, 2” bronze slotted, surface corrosion, satisfactory – good
  3. Starboard garboard engine room, 2” bronze slotted, good
  4. Starboard garboard forward of amidships, 2” bronze slotted, good
  5. Starboard waterline forward, 2” bronze slotted, satisfactory
  6. Port waterline aft, bronze slotted, would not turn and was not removed
  7. Port garboard engine room, 2” bronze slotted, good
  8. Port garboard aft, 2” bronze slotted, satisfactory – marginal



Engines’ external surfaces appear satisfactory and exhibit minimal corrosion. Engine hour meters exhibit 2724 & 2803 hours (lower helm).  Motor mounts appear satisfactory.  Cooling system appears satisfactory.  Fuel systems and components appear satisfactory.  Exhaust system and components appear satisfactory.  Electrical system and components appear satisfactory.  Engine control system appears satisfactory and shaft logs appear satisfactory.  Steering control system appears satisfactory and rudder ports appear satisfactory with minor water leaks.  Propulsion components appear satisfactory.  Waste system and components appear satisfactory, holding tank is removed.  General service seawater systems appear satisfactory.



Summary: Satisfactory



There is 400 gallon capacity in four steel tanks, two are in lazarette and two are in engine room. Fuel tank surfaces, where visible, appear satisfactory, with surface corrosion and the securing mechanism appears satisfactory.  The fuel fill, vent, feed and return lines and components appear satisfactory.  Fuel shutoff valves are located in engine room and on tanks and appear satisfactory – good.



Summary: Satisfactory



The AC shore cord, inlet and connections appear satisfactory. The AC wiring and outlets appear satisfactory.  The AC main feed are protected with a circuit breaker.  Battery arrangement appears satisfactory.  Batteries are equipped with a disconnect switch.  DC wiring appears satisfactory.  Circuit protection for the AC and DC branch system appears satisfactory.  Wire terminations and connections appear satisfactory.  Wire organization and arrangement appears satisfactory.



Summary: Satisfactory







Vessel has five portable fire extinguishers manufactured in 2004, 2014 and 2006. Vessel has a Halon 1301 fixed fire suppression system with expired certification.  The safety components include: four adult type II, one adult type III and one child type II PFDs and one life ring; distress flares with expired certification; suitable first aid kit; 35H Danforth and second stern anchor with chain and line that appears satisfactory.  Navigational and anchor lights appear satisfactory, all around light is inoperative.  Other safety equipment includes: a high water alarm and an air horn.


Summary: Satisfactory



Vessel is equipped with LP gas which fuels the galley range. Tank is currently removed.  Ventilation appears satisfactory.  Feed line is equipped with a reducing regulator, a pressure gauge and a manual switch and feed lines appear satisfactory.


Summary: Satisfactory


The vessel was not inspected at its normal slip location.


Summary: N/A




Accessories include: Flybridge bimini top, venturi windscreen, Calmec autopilot, Raymarine L470 fish finder, Ritchie compass, Furuno 1621 radar, Garmin GPS map 192C, flybridge engine instrumentation includes tachometers with hour meters, oil, amps and temperature, West Marine VHF 500 dsc, trawler mast and boom, two Lewmar # 7 winches, 50 gallon metal water tank aft, bait pump, bait bag, rod holders, freshwater wash down, 30A shore power inlet, electric windlass, anchor roller, Lewco 1240-ACD battery charger, Racor fuel filter, Force 10 406011 water heater, water pressure pump, Magic Chef 3-burner LP gas range, saloon bench seat, lower helm engine instrumentation includes tachometers with hour meters, oil, amps and temperature, windshield wiper, Furuno LC-90 loran, ICOM IC-M80 VHF, Landmark MK288 nav pak, MK273 depth sounder, Kenwood 2M transceiver, Signet wind instrument, Kenwood stereo, Xantrex Prowatt SW inverter 2000, teak swim platform










The vessel is a wooden trawler equipped with two diesel engines. The vessel was built in Hong Kong.  The client purchased the vessel in 2014 and lived aboard the vessel for a period of time.  The vessel had been hauled and the bottom painted in the recent past.  The client stated that he has serviced the engines’ injector pumps and injectors.  Some electrical work is underway and he has installed two new fuse panels and rewired pumps.  The client is aware of no problems with the vessel.  The vessel was inspected while afloat and while hauled.  Fasteners were pulled and overall they are in good condition.  The vessel is basically structurally sound.  Upon completion of the recommendations, the vessel should be suitable for its intended purpose as a coastal cruising vessel.


Overall Summary: Satisfactory




Removed for privacy Removed for privacy N/A



The actual cash value is the value that our research approximates the selling price of this vessel should be, at the time and place of our inspection.  The actual cash value is best determined by a thorough market search to determine what vessels are available on the market, followed by negotiations between the interested parties.  Consideration is given to vessel’s condition, geographic location, published listings and guides, comparable sales and listings, and market conditions.  The new replacement value is the cost of this or a similar, new vessel, comparably equipped.  The investment is the reported investment including purchase price and significant upgrades.  No values include maintenance costs, storage or tax.


C & V Form Key:        All systems are rated based upon their appearance, ratings include: Not examined, not applicable, Faulty, Marginal, Satisfactory, Good, Excellent.


This survey is for the express purpose of insurance and financing. It is not meant as a buyer’s survey.





These recommendations are the surveyor’s ideas and suggestions for addressing deficiencies with damaged or suspect components or systems found during survey or general improvements. The primary recommendations address safety items, structural issues, operational issues or deficiencies which the surveyor determines are of greater importance or more expense than secondary deficiencies.  For instance, items that pose a risk to passenger safety or immediate property damage are listed under primary deficiencies and cosmetic concerns are addressed under secondary deficiencies.  Most of the recommendations have been addressed in the comments and usually they are discussed at the time of the inspection.




  1. Upon returning the propane tank, assure the installation is in compliance with A.B.Y.C. and N.F.P.A. recommendations. Either provide and install an electric solenoid valve or provide a handle for the inline valve which is currently missing its handle to allow the propane to be turned off from the galley area.
  2. The aft bilge pump shares a discharge with deck and hatch drains.       Either modify to allow the bilge pump to discharge through its own through hull or carefully secure all components to assure there is no communication of water draining off the deck into the bilge.
  3. Service to eliminate water leaks at the water ports.
  4. Properly secure the aft deck hatch which is disconnected from a hinge.
  5. Provide a secondary means to secure the anchor to the bow and wire the anchor shackle.
  6. There is surface corrosion on engines’ heat exchangers and exhaust stand pipes, address as necessary.
  7. The Racor sight bowls are discolored. Replace the bowls.
  8. There are salt crystals on the port exhaust hose. Replace the hose or monitor and replace as necessary.       Access and inspect all exhaust hoses and address deficiencies.
  9. There is wood damage about the head intake through hull, bonding straps, a few of the other through hulls and strut bolts. Assure that the amount of zinc is proper, repair the damage as necessary.
  10. The holding tank is currently removed. Only use the head when the vessel is three miles offshore.
  11. Replace wing nuts on batteries with steel nuts and lock washers.       Comply with A.B.Y.C. recommendations.
  12. The starboard propeller is dull when percussion tested, replace or monitor and replace as necessary.
  13. Maintain the fire extinguishers per N.F.P.A. recommendations.       Inspect annually and have them inspected by a qualified technician every six years or replace them every six years.
  14. Provide federally required, approved and current distress signal flares.
  15. Service and prove the all around / anchor light properly functional.
  16. Display the registration number which is not currently displayed.
  17. We encourage installation of propane and carbon monoxide alarms.




  1. The vessel has numerous cosmetic deficiencies, on the hull sides, deck, superstructure and interior. The teak decks are aged, there are repairs underway on the flybridge, there is a repair on the aft deck gunnel to starboard, about the lazarette hatch, rub damage to starboard on the transom and a missing piece of metal strike rail on the rub rail to starboard aft, poor paint appearance and adhesion on the hull sides and scrapes on the starboard rub rail forward of amidships. Address wood deterioration conditions sooner rather than later to prevent further deterioration and upgrade cosmetically as desired.
  2. The port flybridge hour meter is apparently inoperative and registers 30 hours. The function of the other hour meters and their accuracy is beyond the scope of this survey.
  3. There is termite “kick out” in the propane locker, address appropriately.
  4. There is water in the bilge, remove the water and eliminate any leaks.
  5. There is soot in the engine room. The client stated that an exhaust leak has been eliminated.       Clean the soot to allow detection of any future problems.
  6. There is surface wood deterioration of the chine knees in the engine room, address appropriately.
  7. Remove or secure the loose battery in the aft cabin.
  8. One battery switch has no handle; the client stated it is not in use.
  9. Electrical work is in progress, there are dead end and unused wires.       Complete any electrical work and assure the electrical system is installed in compliance with A.B.Y.C. recommendations.
  10. There is an abandoned keel cooler, assure there is no liability or eliminate any liability.
  11. There is minor worm show damage, address to prevent worm damage to the keel.


This survey sets forth the condition of the vessel and components, as specifically stated only, at the time of inspection and represents the surveyor’s honest and unbiased opinion. The submitting of this report should not be construed as a warranty or guaranty of the condition of the vessel, nor does it create any liability on the part of Christian & Company or the individual surveyor.  No part of the vessel was disassembled or removed and no assumptions should be made as to the condition of concealed components.  Specifics were obtained from sources available at the time of inspection and are believed correct, but are not guaranteed to be accurate.  This inspection was performed for the expressed purpose of obtaining insurance/finance and should provide the information necessary for underwriting purposes. If any additional information is required, please contact the undersigned.  This survey report is not intended for use as a “buyer’s survey”.


Christian & Company, Marine Surveyors, Inc.




________________________________                                     ­­­­December 11, 2015

By: Mr. Kells Christian, Surveyor                                                 Date

S.A.M.S. – A.M.S. # 301