75′ Bultjur trawler


Condition & Valuation

Client: Removed for privacy Date of report: June 28th 2011
Location: Removed for privacy Our File #: 11-27270
Date of inspection: June 22nd 2011


Builder: Bultjur Boat Builders Doc. #: Removed for privacy
Model/type: Long Range Trawler Year: 1987 *
H.P. per: 441 KW Serial number: Removed for privacy
Type of instal: Diesel, 12 cylinders, Length: 75’
Freshwater cooled, turbo, inboard Draft: 7’ *
Beam: 24’ * Name: Removed for privacy
Generators: Two Cummins 30 KW HIN: Removed for privacy
Documentation Hours: P – 4511 & S – 4532 Hailing Port: Removed for privacy
Engine: Mann


The vessel was inspected while afloat. Hull construction material is wood plank over wood frame. Deck is constructed of teak plank over wood frame and above deck structures are constructed of aluminum. Bulkheads are constructed of wood. Overall condition of the hull structure appears excellent with no significant deterioration sighted. The vessel’s weight is unknown. Exterior rails and hardware appear excellent. Cosmetic condition of vessel appears excellent externally aside from minor blistering of paint about hardware fastenings on the super structure and excellent internally (currently various areas of the staterooms are covered in plastic due to interior work). Vessel’s external colors are high gloss clear over teak hull with white painted topsides. Below waterline through hull fittings appear good (sea chest). Vessel bilge pump system consist of two DC electric/automatic, two 220 volt manifold systems and engine emergency pick up that appear god and the bilge is holding minimal standing water with some oil at the engine compartment bilge from a recent oil change. The ventilation system consists of forced air blowers and natural ventilation and appears good. General housekeeping appears excellent.

Summary: Excellent


Engine’s external surfaces appear good – excellent and exhibit no significant rust, oil or coolant leaks. Engine hour gauge exhibits 6866 hours. Motor mounts appear good – excellent. Cooling system appears good – excellent but the raw water pump exhibits signs of leaking. Fuel system and components appear excellent. Exhaust system and components appear excellent and electrical system and components appear excellent. Engine control system appears good and shaft log appears good – excellent. Steering control system appears excellent and rudder port appears excellent (rudder components have just completed refurbishment). Propulsion components were not inspected externally. Generators’ surfaces and motor mounts appear good – excellent. Generator’s peripheral components and systems appear good – excellent but hose clamps on the starboard generator’s exhaust water lift are corroded. Waste system and components appear good. General service seawater systems appear good but are scheduled for complete disassembly/removal, sanding blasting of all pipes and replacing if/s required and new primer and paint applied.

Summary: Excellent


There is 13,955 liter capacity in five iron tanks located aft of the engine, port and starboard in engine compartment and to port and starboard in the forward sole. Fuel tank surfaces, where visible, appear good and the securing mechanism appears good. The fuel fill, vent, feed and return lines and components appear good. Fuel shutoff valves are located at the tanks and manifold system inboard of the port engine and appear good. All fuel service pips are reportedly scheduled for removal, sand blasting, replacing if/as required, priming and painting. At the time of the inspection, water and holding tanks were being cleaned and re-sealed on the interiors.

Summary: Good


The AC shore cord, inlet and connections were not separated for inspection. The AC wiring and outlets appear excellent. The AC main feeds are protected with circuit breakers. Battery arrangement appears satisfactory – good. Batteries are equipped with disconnect switches. DC wiring appears excellent. Circuit protection for the AC and DC branch system appears excellent. Wire terminations and connections appear good. Wire organization and arrangement appears good.

Summary: Good – Excellent


Vessel has four portable fire extinguishers and two fixed fire suppression system that have not been inspected, and tagged as recommended by N.F.P.A. (U.S.C.G. does not require certification). The safety components include: at least twelve PFDs and two throwable PFDs; distress flares with expired certification; two life rafts with expired certification (vessel will reportedly be out of service for approximately one year while); suitable first aid kit; two anchors with chain and line and appears excellent. Navigational and anchor lights appear good. Other safety equipment includes a high water alarm and engine alarm, engine compartment video camera, sea anchor, remote control spotlight and E.P.I.R.B.

Summary: Good


The vessel was inspected at its normal slip location. Line condition and arrangement appears good. Boarding hazards appear insignificant. All entry points are reportedly kept locked. Other security consists of being docked at residence in gated community.

Summary: Good


Accessories include: Sharp convection oven, Black & Decker toaster oven, Nutone food center, 4 burner flat top range, GE compactor, single basin stainless steel sink, Whirlpool refrigerator/freezer, U-Line ice maker, granite counter, U-Line refrigerator, flybridge top load refrigerator, Condaria chilled water air conditioner, 220 volt hydraulic pump, Newmar Phase Three 100 amp battery charger, Pioneer DV-500 DVD player, JVC TV, Sony SLV-D560P DVD player, Denon AVR-3200 AV controller/receiver, Vosper stabilizers, hydraulic bow windlass, electric stern windlass, hydraulic bow thruster, Steen hydraulic davit, KVH satellite receiver, Icom IC-M710 single side band, Sea Temp gauge, Simrad AP50 autopilot, Hercules 390 fathometer, Furuno radar, Furuno RP-100 radar plotter, Wesmar sonar, Miele clothes washer/dryer, Avon tender with hull number AVB34041J293, Yamaha 115 horsepower outboard with serial number 307490, Steen 1948 hydraulic windlass, sea anchor


The vessel is a custom built long range trawler equipped with a single inboard diesel engine. The vessel was built by the Bulujur Boat Yard in Germany and is a heavily built hull with oak beam/frames that are as large as 8” x 12”. The vessel’s captain was present during the inspection and stated that he has been with the vessel since purchase (approximately 23 years) and is extremely knowledgeable of all vessel systems. The client stated that he intends the vessel to be “laid up” for approximately one year while refurbishing all systems. This includes removal of all fuel, fresh and raw water piping, inspecting and servicing, reconditioning/sealing of all tanks and servicing of all vessel systems. Refurbishment of the lazarette hull wood finish and all steering components has recently been completed and is “as new” condition. This vessel has been actively maintained and is both structurally and mechanically sound.

Overall Summary: Excellent



The actual cash value is the value that our research approximates the selling price of this vessel should be, at the time and place of our inspection. The actual cash value is best determined by a thorough market search to determine what vessels are available on the market, followed by negotiations between the interested parties. Consideration is given to vessel’s condition, geographic location, published listings and guides, comparable sales and listings, and market conditions. The new replacement value is the cost of this or a similar, new vessel, comparably equipped. The investment is the reported investment including purchase price and significant upgrades. No values include maintenance costs, storage or tax.

C & V Form Key: All systems are rated based upon their appearance, ratings include: Not examined, Not applicable, Faulty, Marginal, Satisfactory, Good, Excellent.


1. Replace the corroded hose clamps on the starboard generator’s exhaust water lift.
2. Service to eliminate the leak on the engine’s raw water pump.
3. Have the fire extinguishers inspected and tagged as recommended by N.F.P.A.

This survey sets forth the condition of the vessel and components, as specifically stated only, at the time of inspection and represents the surveyor’s honest and unbiased opinion. The submitting of this report should not be construed as a warranty or guaranty of the condition of the vessel, nor does it create any liability on the part of Christian & Company or the individual surveyor. No part of the vessel was disassembled or removed and no assumptions should be made as to the condition of concealed components. Specifics were obtained from sources available at the time of inspection and are believed correct, but are not guaranteed to be accurate. This inspection was performed for the expressed purpose of obtaining insurance, and should provide the information necessary for underwriting purposes, if any additional information is required, please contact the undersigned. This survey report is not intended for use as a “buyer’s survey”.

Christian & Company, Marine Surveyors, Inc.

________________________________ July 7th 2011___
By: Mr. George Jarvie, Surveyor Date
S.A.M.S. – A.M.S. # 941