Approved Lenders


We have never had a survey report rejected by any financial institution and will offer a full refund if the survey report is not acceptable for their purposes of placing a loan on the vessel. We do not guaranty the condition of the boat will be acceptable for lending, only that the report will meet their standards. We will honor this warranty after being provided with contact information of the lender and communicating with them, in order to provide them with our credentials, references and other information they may request. We encourage all of our clients to ask prospective lenders if they have any specific requirements, including haul out or dry dock inspection, sailboat rig inspection, fastener inspection, trip survey, machinery operation details, hull rubbing requirement, specific photographic requirement, etc… Also please let Christian & Company know if you intend to use the survey for an unusual purpose, such as an offshore or non-admitted insurance carrier who may have unique requirements.

Here are just some of the banks and lending institutions who accept our suveys. If your lender is not on this list, please give us a call and we will endeavor to assist you.

Beacon Marine Credit
Dimen Financial
Seacoast Financial
Trident Funding Corporation
New Coast
Financial Services