Sample Surveys – Commercial Vessels

While surveying recreational marine vessels is our bread and butter, a significant volume of our business includes various types of commercial vessels. We actively and regularly inspect passenger fishing vessels, commercial fishing vessels, excursion vessels, ferries, research vessels and a never ending wonder of assorted types of boats used for commerce.
Below are samples of reports for marine survey inspections of commercial vessels of many types.
The samples below are both prepurchase and insurance/finance/marina entry type surveys commercial vessels.

 31′ Rawson Commercial Fishing Vessel
34′ Cloudburst Commercial
43′ Crystaliner Commercial
  63′ Tolo Catamaran Power Vessel
71′ Commercial Fisher / Long-Liner
77′ King Craft / Passenger Vessel
 89′ Master Boat Commercial Fishing / Long-Liner 
 93′ Skipper Liner Passenger Boat
 96′ Sternwheel Passenger Vessel
103′ Poole Passenger Fishing Vessel