Sample Surveys – Houseboats

Houseboats or floating homes are a polarizing type of vessel for many boaters.  While they bring joy and fond memories to one segment, many look down upon them and feel they are not “real boats”.  While many houseboats are not suitable for offshore use, they bring great joy to some boaters, and are very practical and accommodating families and large groups on the water.

While the percentage of houseboats in Southern California is small, there are areas with large fleets in other areas of the United States, including the southwestern lakes and reservoirs.

Houseboats are built differently than most other recreational vessels.  Many of the builders have their own way of doing things, presenting challenges to buyers, insurance companies and marine surveyors.

Christian & Company is experienced and comfortable inspecting houseboats and below are samples of marine survey reports on houseboats.

20′ Houseboat
 48′ B&R Construction / Floating Home
54 foot houseboat -- Skipperliner54′ Skipperliner houseboat