Sample Surveys – Wooden Vessels

We love vessels built of wood.  Wooded boat construction has a long history of significance and tradition in the maritime world.  The feel of a heavily built wooden boat plowing through swells is distinct and the appearance of a well-kept wood boat is appreciated by most yachtswomen and men.  They just look so cool.

Our senior surveyor is experienced and comfortable inspecting wooden vessels of all construction types, including plank on frame, double or triple planked, sheaved or encased wood boats, plywood, fiberglass over plywood, cold molded, metal framed, screw fastened, adhesively fastened and even treenails.

While we love wood boats, we have found there are many who love them less.  There are areas of the country which appreciate them more than Southern California, which is a fan of plastic.  The insurance world also is less enamored with wood.

As a result, wood boat surveys are required more often than surveys on fiberglass boats.  Additionally, removing fasteners is suggested and often required.

The samples below are both prepurchase and insurance/finance/marina entry type surveys of wooden vessels.

 23′ Grand Craft Wooden Runabout
  33′ Viking Longship
37′ Grand Banks 36 Classic Trawler 
41′ Manuel Gunlarte Gaffrig Sloop
53′ / 71′ Sagwag Colin Archer Topsail Ketch