33′ Viking Longship


Client: Mr. Removed for Privacy
Email Address Our file #: 23 – 2069web
Current owner: Client, no documentation
Location: Removed for Privacy
Date of Inspection: February 27, 2023

Scope of Services

The vessel was examined by the surveyor and/or surveyor’s agents from all accessible areas of the interior without removal of secured panels, destructive testing or disassembly. The hull bottom laminate, plating and/or planking was examined by percussion sounding and visual inspection only. No moisture content readings were taken, and no destructive testing was performed. The surveyor may have used a moisture meter if/when they deemed it useful or if specifically requested by client. Exterior hardware was visually examined for damage and drive components were tested by sight only. The inspection of engines, generators, machinery and related mechanical systems is not within the scope of this survey. Only a brief cursory inspection of the machinery was conducted, and no opinion of their overall condition was formed. Client shall retain the services of a qualified mechanic, engine surveyor or other expert to inspect such engine, generators, machinery and related mechanical systems. Tankage was inspected from visible surfaces only and no opinion was rendered as to their overall condition. On sailing vessels, the rig was not inspected aloft, nor were sails inspected unless they were visible during a sea trial. Client shall retain the services of a qualified rig surveyor or other expert to inspect sails, rigging and equipment. The electrical system was visually inspected where accessible, and electronic and electrical components powered only with permission of or in the presence of the vessel’s owner or agent. No in-depth testing or examination of the electrical system or electric schematic was conducted. Specifications were taken from published sources, measurements if made, should be considered approximate. The recommendations are based on federal and state regulations, industry standards, and/or surveyor‘s own personal experience. The market value is based on research of available new/used comparable vessels, with consideration of geographic area where the vessel is located and reported sale prices where available. The surveyor will refer to and may reference CFRs, NFPA and ABYC recommendations (and/or other services) as the surveyor deems reasonable but not all regulations and recommendations will be applied nor should this report be relied upon as full compliance with the aforementioned entities. Every vessel inspection is different, and limitations may alter the scope of this survey, some limitations will be implied in the text of the report and some will be explicitly detailed. A Marine Survey Agreement which is reviewed and signed by the client details the terms governing this marine survey.

Builder:         Tom Kottmeier Reg.  / Doc. #:       None
Model/type:   Viking Longship Engine/MFG:         Yamaha
Year:             2023 (model year) H.P. per:                4
Length:         33’ Serial numbers:     6ECS 1020660
Draft:            13” Type of instal. :     Gasoline, outboard, integral fuel tank
Beam:           7.5’  


The vessel was inspected while on a trailer. Hull construction material is wood, plank on frame, in a lapstrake (planks overlap) construction method. The planks are secured to each other with bronze rivets and to the frames with stainless steel screws (reported). The overall condition of the hull structure appears good. The vessel’s weight is 2,500 lb. (reported). Exterior rails and hardware appear good. Mast, mast step, standing rigging and connections, where visible, appear good. Cosmetic condition of vessel appears satisfactory externally and internally. Vessel’s external colors are raw wood, a coat of varnish has been absorbed. The vessel will be equipped with two Johnson electric / automatic bilge pumps and the bilge is dry, drain plugs are removed for storage. General housekeeping appears good.

Summary: Good – Excellent


Engine’s external surfaces appear excellent and exhibit no rust, oil or coolant leaks. Motor mount appears satisfactory.

Summary: Good – Excellent


A battery is pending installation. DC wiring is pending installation. Circuit protection for the DC branch system is pending installation.

Summary: N/A


The safety components include: pending PFDs and throwable PFDs. Two Danforth anchors with pending rode. Navigational and anchor lights are pending.

Summary: N/A


The vessel was inspected at its normal storage location.

Summary: Satisfactory


Wood rudder, wood mast, two sails – dacron – tan bark and cream color, standing and running rigging is 5/8” Hempex line, four sets of oars, two Barient 10 winches, mast hoisting lever

Trailer – steel, single axle, CA 122XXX (assigned VIN), lights, fenders, jack, winch and trailer “guides”


The vessel is a custom built replica of a Viking Longship. The client built the vessel based on a design by the British Museum, which is based on the Gokstad ship in Norway. The client reports that the keel is White Oak, the planks are Port Orford cedar and the mast is Fir. The vessel was built in a lap strake construction, using 15,000 copper rivets, some stainless steel screws (between the planks and the frames) and there is PL Marine caulking below the waterline. The client has been building the vessel for three years and it is almost complete. The client has launched and recovered the vessel once on a boat ramp in Oceanside, CA. The vessel is basically structurally sound and upon completion of the final steps of the project and compliance with the recommendations the vessel should be suitable for its intended purpose as a protected waters rowing and sailing vessel.

Overall Summary: Good

Standard form key: We use subsection and overall ratings to summarize conditions found, based upon their appearance. Ratings include: Not examined, Not applicable, Faulty, Marginal, Satisfactory, Good, Excellent.


These recommendations are the surveyor’s ideas and suggestions for addressing deficiencies with damaged or suspect components or systems found during survey or general improvements. The primary recommendations address safety items, structural issues, operational issues or deficiencies which the surveyor determines are of greater importance or more expense than secondary deficiencies. For instance, items that pose a risk to passenger safety or immediate property damage are listed under primary deficiencies and cosmetic concerns are addressed under secondary deficiencies. Most of the recommendations have been addressed in the comments and usually they are discussed at the time of the inspection.


1. Assure the vessel has all legally required carriage items for the intended area of use including suitable personal flotation devices (wearable and throwable), sound and visual signaling devices.
2. Bring aboard the anchors and sufficient rode for emergency use.
3. Complete the installation of the battery and the electrical system, which will reportedly include two bilge pumps and potentially the navigational lights. Assure compliance with ABYC recommendations.
4. The condition of the trailer is beyond the scope of this inspection but it requires some service including the winch to be mounted and guides for the vessel to return to the trailer completed.
5. Complete the motor mount, which is currently not secure.

This survey sets forth the condition of the vessel and components, as specifically stated only, at the time of inspection and represents the surveyor’s honest and unbiased opinion. No part of the vessel was disassembled or removed and no assumptions should be made as to the condition of concealed components. Specifics were obtained from sources available at the time of inspection and are believed correct, but are not guaranteed to be accurate.

I/we certify that, to the best of my/our knowledge and belief:

The statements of fact contained in this report are true and correct. The reported analyses, opinions, and conclusions are limited only by the reported assumptions and limiting conditions, and are my/our personal, unbiased professional analyses, opinions, and conclusions. I/we have no present or prospective interest in the vessel that is the subject of this report, and I/we have no personal interest or bias with respect to the parties involved. My/our compensation is not contingent upon the reporting of a predetermined value or direction in value that favors the cause of the client, the amount of the value estimate, the attainment of a stipulated result, or the occurrence of a subsequent event. I/we have made a personal inspection of the vessel that is the subject of this report. This report should be considered as an entire document. No single section is meant to be used except as part of the whole. This report is submitted without prejudice and for the benefit of whom it may concern. This report does not constitute a warranty, either expressed, or implied, nor does it warrant the future condition of the vessel. It is a statement of the condition of the vessel at the time of survey only. The submitting of this report creates no liability on the part of Christian & Company or the individual surveyor. This survey report is not intended for use as a “buyer’s survey”.

Christian & Company, Marine Surveyors, Inc.

March 9, 2023
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By: Mr. Kells Christian, Surveyor SAMS – AMS #301 Date