Claims Assistance Guide

Sample of a letter which is available to be sent to all assureds and claimants, at the request of the insurance company’s claims department.

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Client: Vessel:
Vessel name:
Policy no.:
Claim no.:
Date of loss:

We have been requested to assist you with the above captioned matter. Christian & Company personnel will make every effort to assist with the handling of your claim, objectively, accurately, and expediently. Your satisfaction is our priority goal. Please feel free to contact Kells Christian, your representative, at any time (phone, and addresses can be found below).

If you have not yet heard from us, please contact us at your earliest convenience, as we have probably been unable to reach you.

Our objectives: In most instances, we will 1.) determine the cause of loss 2.) detail the scope of claim related damage 3.) establish an agreed price to repair the claim related damage with your chosen repair facility.

To accomplish these goals Christian & Company will usually make initial contact with you, develop history on the vessel and loss, and make an appointment to meet with you at the vessel for an inspection.

You can help by: Choosing a repair facility and either delivering the vessel to them for our inspection or requesting them to meet with us during our inspection, this results in increased communication and satisfaction; Provide us with any invoices for expenses already incurred and any relevant maintenance documentation; Call us with any questions, comments, or if we can be of any assistance whatsoever!

We do not make determinations of coverage, or exact payment amount nor do we authorize any repairs. Please save all parts and allow us the opportunity to inspect components prior to altering them. Please discuss payment with your repair facility to avoid future problems or billing discrepancies.

The time required to process your claim varies depending on many factors, however, by quickly accomplishing the above we can avoid delays and continue toward our goal of making your claims experience clearly understood and as trouble free as possible.