22′ C-Dory power boat



Client: Removed for privacy
Date of report: April 2nd 2012
Our File #: 12-27524

This inspection was performed upon the request of the client listed above on March 31st 2012 on its trailer at (removed for privacy) California and the current owner attended.


Builder: C-Dory
Model/type: 22 Cruiser
Year: 2009 (model) 2008 (build)
Length: 22’
Draft: 7”
Beam: 7’ 8”
Reg. #: Removed for privacy
HIN: Removed for privacy
Name: Removed for privacy
Hailing Port: N/A
Engines: Two Honda
*Manufacturer’s specifications Weight: 1,925 lbs. *


Keel & bottom: Molded fiberglass construction, * balsa cored, modified V, blue gelcoat finish

Topsides & transom: Molded fiberglass construction, * balsa cored, off white gelcoat finish, blue boot and sheer stripes

Decks & superstructure: Molded fiberglass construction, * balsa cored, off white gelcoat finish, molded pattern nonskid

Deck hardware: Stainless steel safety and grab rails, one aluminum framed deck hatch, stainless steel anchor guide/roller, docking cleats

Longitudinals/stringers: Fiberglass stringers

Athwartships/bulkheads/frames: Fiberglass liner and balsa cored bulkheads

Bilge: Dry and clean

Comments: The vessel was inspected while hauled and afloat. The hull bottom was visually inspected and randomly sounded. The hull bottom is in excellent condition overall with no significant audible differences where hammer sounded. There are minor surface scrapes on various areas of the hull bottom. The hull sides and transom were visually inspected and randomly sounded. The hull sides and transom are in excellent condition overall. There are gelcoat scrapes on the starboard hull side at the transom. The deck and superstructure were visually inspected and randomly sounded. The deck and superstructure are in sound structural condition with no significant audible differences where hammer sounded and no noticeable “soft spots”. The deck hardware including safety rails, mooring devices and hatches was visually inspected and most hatches and the port lights were opened and closed. Overall the deck hardware is in excellent condition. The structural reinforcements including the stringers and bulkheads were visually inspected and randomly sounded. The structural reinforcements appear to be in “as-built” condition and there were no fractures or delamination of fiberglass tabbings sighted. The bilge is generally clean and dry. The interior cabin spaces are neat, clean and orderly. The interior of the vessel is in excellent cosmetic condition. This survey is not a mould inspection. The condition of the coring, in the stringers, deck, and elsewhere as applicable, is beyond the scope of this inspection.

Summary: Excellent


Main engines: Two Honda, 50 h.p. 4 stroke

Engine application: Gasoline, 3 cylinders, raw water cooled, outboards

Serial Numbers: P – BBEJ-1008835, S – BBEJ-1008838

Transmissions: N/A

External/peripherals: 12 volt alternator, hydraulic trim pumps

Engine controls: Push/pull cable

Exhaust systems: Outboard application

Propulsion gear/shaft logs: 3-blade aluminum propellers

Steering system/rudder ports: Hydraulic control, outboard motor steering

Ventilation: Natural

Generator: N/A

Through hulls & components: One bronze hull drain plug, one bronze through hull with bronze ball valve

Seawater systems: Reinforced flexible hose, hose clamp connections

Bilge pumps: One electric/automatic

Comments: The outboard motors were visually inspected and test run on the trailer. As this is not a mechanical survey; consider having a mechanic inspect the motors to better determine their condition. The external surfaces of the outboard motors appear excellent. The motors were “cold” started and did start without significant hesitation or smoke. The engine controls functioned normally. Cooling systems appear good but raw water pump impellers are reportedly original. The propellers appear in good condition with no noticeable damage. The steering system was visually inspected and test operated. The steering system functioned normally. The through hulls were visually inspected and the valves were manipulated. The through hulls are in excellent condition. The seawater systems were visually inspected and most components were tested. Overall, the seawater systems are excellent. The electric bilge pump was energized manually and is functional.

Summary: Excellent


Fuel: * 46 gallon capacity below aft cockpit gunnel

Fill & vent: U.S.C.G. flexible hose

Feed & return: U.S.C.G. flexible hose, inline water separator/filters, priming bulb

Water: 25 gallon capacity (reported)in one plastic tank below port settee

Holding: Self contained head

Comments: The fuel system including the tanks, fill, vent and feed lines were visually inspected as installed. Where visible the fuel system components are in good – excellent condition. The condition and age of the fuel (and water) and the integrity of the tanks (fuel, water and holding) and hoses is beyond the scope of this survey. Please consider filling all tanks for a simple, practical test of their integrity. The vessel is equipped with a manual pump sink spigot that was tested and working. The vessel is equipped with a self contained head that has reportedly not been used. The water tank appears in excellent condition and there were no indications of leaks (mostly empty at the time of inspection).

Summary: Good – Excellent


AC system: One 30 amp 125 volt inlet, 110 volt service

DC system: Three group 24 maintenance free 12 volt batteries, 12 volt service, disconnect switches

Wiring: Multi-strand wire, crimp connections

Circuit protection: Main AC and DC systems; circuit breaker

Comments: The electrical system including the shore power cord, shore power inlet, batteries, wiring, circuitry components and circuit protection equipment was visually inspected and most components were tested. The shore power cord and connections appear excellent with no indication of heat damage. 110 volt wiring is limited to a single outlet for the battery charger. Battery installation and arrangement appears good. The condition of the batteries is beyond the scope of this inspection. DC wiring appears good – excellent. Wire connections are good and wires are properly secured. Over current protection appears excellent.

Summary: Good – Excellent


Portable fire extinguishers: One 2 lb. and one 2.5 lb. dry chemical units

Fixed fire system: None

Flotation devices: Four type II and two type III adult PFDs, one throw cushion

Horn/distress flares: Electric horn, hand held flares

Navigational/anchor lights: Port, starboard, combination all around white

Anchor & ground tackle: One anchor, chain and line rode

Other equipment: Windshield wipers, carbon monoxide alarm, bilge alarm, boat hook

Comments: Safety equipment for fire fighting protection appears satisfactory however; the extinguishers have not been inspected, tagged and maintained per N.F.P.A. recommendations. Personal flotation devices appear suitable for near coastal use. Current distress signal flares are aboard. A sound signaling device is aboard. The navigational and anchor lights are properly arranged, installed and functional. The ground tackle including the anchor and rode was visually inspected as installed and appears satisfactory. The entire length of the anchor rode was not inspected and should be inspected prior to use.

Summary: Satisfactory


General equipment: Wallas combination 2-burner Kerosene range/room heater, single basin stainless steel sink, manual pump potable water, Newmar voltmeter, Prosport battery charger, raw water wash down pump, bimini top, canvas mooring cover, Garmin GPS MAP 740s, GPS plotter/sounder, Ritchie compass, Garmin 100 VHF/DSC, Bennett trim tabs with position indicators, instrumentation: tachometers, trim indicators

Trailer: EZ Loader tandem axle galvanized trailer with VIN IZEAAMTJ5AA007080, dual axle disc brakes, trailer jack, Oregon license # U442124


The vessel is a fiberglass sport cruiser equipped with twin outboard motors. The current owner was present during the inspection and stated that he purchased the vessel new and there have been no significant events in the vessel’s history such as; groundings, submersions or fires. The vessel appears to have been actively maintained and is both structurally and mechanically sound.

Overall Summary: Good – Excellent



The actual cash value is the value that our research approximates the selling price of this vessel should be, at the time and place of our inspection. Consideration is given to vessel’s condition, geographic location, published listings and guides, comparable sales and listings, and market conditions. The new replacement value is the cost of this or a similar, new vessel, comparably equipped. The investment is the reported investment including purchase price and significant upgrades. No values include maintenance costs, storage or tax. In most instances the data found while researching the value is stored in our file for this survey. We primarily use market value analysis methodology for determination of value.

Standard Form Key: All systems are rated based upon their appearance, ratings include: Not examined, Not applicable, Faulty, Marginal, Satisfactory, Good, Excellent.


  1. Service to eliminate the hydraulic leak on the port trim tab hydraulic ram.
  2. Replace the outboard motors raw water pump impellers as they are believed to be original.
  3.  Have the fire extinguishers inspected, serviced and tagged as recommended by N.F.P.A.


  1. Fasteners for trim tabs have been relocated and original holes reportedly epoxy filled.
  2. Electronics powered up however the vessel needs to be afloat to determine proper function of the fathometer.
  3. The windshield wipers were not tested.

This survey sets forth the condition of the vessel and components, as specifically stated only, at the time of inspection and represents the surveyor’s honest and unbiased opinion. The submitting of this report should not be construed as a warranty or guaranty of the condition of the vessel, nor does it create any liability on the part of Christian & Company or the individual surveyor. No part of the vessel was disassembled or removed and no assumptions should be made as to the condition of concealed components. Specifics were obtained from sources available at the time of inspection and are believed correct, but are not guaranteed to be accurate.

Christian & Company, Marine Surveyors, Inc.

______________________                           April 3rd 2012
By: Mr. George Jarvie, Surveyor                           Date
S.A.M.S. – A.M.S. # 941