26′ Glacier Bay 260 Canyon Runner



Client: Removed for Privacy Date of Report: April 13, 2021
Location: Removed for Privacy Our file #: 21 – 20041



Builder: Glacier Bay Catamarans Reg. #: Removed for privacy
Model/type: 260 Canyon Runner Engine/MFG: Two Mercury Verado 150 XL L4, 150 CXL L4
Year: 1998 (model year) H.P. per: 150
Length: 26′ (w/o  outboards) 28′ 6″ (w/ outboards) Serial numbers: P –  1B753968 S – 1B757390
Draft: 2′ Type of instal: Gasoline, four-stroke, outboard
Beam: 9′ Generator: None
Name: N/A Hailing port: None
HIN: Removed for privacy






The vessel was inspected while afloat.  Hull construction material is molded fiberglass.  Deck is constructed of molded fiberglass and above deck structures are constructed of molded fiberglass.  There are cracks in the deck forward and aft.  Coring is unknown.  Structural reinforcements are constructed of fiberglass liner.  Overall condition of the hull structure appears satisfactory.  The vessel’s weight is unknown.  Exterior rails and hardware appear satisfactory.  The latch is missing from the forward deck hatch.  Cosmetic condition of vessel appears satisfactory externally and satisfactory internally.  Below waterline through hull fittings appear satisfactory – marginal.  The bait tank intake through hull valve is heavily rusted and the head intake through hull valve are seized open.  The vessel is equipped with four Rule-Mate 800 submersible automatic bilge pumps, one per side aft and one on either side amidships, and they appear satisfactory – marginal and the bilge is holding minimal water.  The starboard aft bilge pump’s discharge hose is not connected to the pump.  The amidships bilge pumps did not energize with their float switches.  The ventilation system consists of natural ventilation and appears excellent.  General housekeeping appears satisfactory – good.

 Summary: Satisfactory


Engines’ external surfaces appear satisfactory – good and exhibit no leaks.  There is a crack on a hose inboard on the starboard engine inboard forward towards the top of the upper unit.  Water discharges from the fresh water flush connections when running.  Engine hours were not recorded.  Motor mounts appear good.  Cooling systems appear satisfactory – good.  Fuel systems and components appear satisfactory.  A clamp is missing on the fuel hose on the starboard engine.  Exhaust systems and components appear satisfactory – good.  Electrical systems and components appears satisfactory – good.  Steering control system appears good. Outboard components appear good.  General service seawater systems appear satisfactory.

Summary: Satisfactory – Good


There is 180 gallon capacity in two aluminum tanks located on either side of cockpit.  Fuel tank surfaces, where visible, appear satisfactory, and the securing mechanism appears good.  The fuel fill, vent, feed lines and components appear satisfactory.  The starboard fuel fill hose is cracked at the tank fitting.  Fuel fill to tank bonding appears satisfactory.  The port fuel tank’s bonding wire is not attached to the port fuel fill fitting.  There is a fuel odor in the starboard transom locker and aft of the starboard fuel tank.  Fuel shut off valves were not seen.

Summary: Satisfactory


The AC shore cord, inlet and connections appear satisfactory.  The AC wiring and outlets appear satisfactory.  The AC main feed is not protected with fuses or circuit breakers.  Battery arrangement appears satisfactory.  Batteries are equipped with a disconnect switch.  DC wiring appears satisfactory.  Circuit protection for the AC and DC branch system appears satisfactory.  Wire terminations and connections appear satisfactory.  Wire organization and arrangement appears satisfactory.

Summary:  Satisfactory


Vessel has two type B:C size I (2001) portable fire extinguishers.  The safety components include: four child type III PFDs, two adult type III PFDs, three inflatable  PFDs and one throwable PFDs; no distress flares, no life rafts, no first aid kit; one Danforth type anchor with chain and line rode that appears satisfactory.  There is no second anchor or rode.  Navigational and anchor lights appear satisfactory.  Separate side lights are two red / green lights.  The all-around light did not illuminate.  Vessel has a waste placard.

Summary: Satisfactory


The vessel was inspected at its normal slip location.  Lines condition and arrangement appears excellent.  Boarding hazards appear insignificant.

Summary: Excellent


Hydraulic steering, boarding ladder, half-tower, rocket launcher rod holders, Bose speakers, cockpit lights, garbage placard, cockpit courtesy lights, 30 amp 125 volt shore power inlet and cord, bait tank, live well, two Battery Doctor 150 amp battery isolators, Xantrex True Charge 20 and amp battery charger, plastic water tank, plastic waste tank (not plumbed), Icom IC-M302 VHF, Simrad vessel view 703 with digital engine instruments, Simrad NSS7 evo2 with plotter / sounder / autopilot / speed / engine instruments, Simrad NSS9 evo3 with radar / plotter / engine instruments, fish holds, Simrad radar antenna, Shurflo Bait Master bait pump, Simrad autopilot. Groco Raw water pump, cushions, anchor roller, electric head, out rigger



The vessel is a molded fiberglass catamaran equipped with two gasoline outboard engines.  The vessel was built in the USA.  The client reported that he purchased the vessel in September 2020 in Huntington Beach, CA.  He reported that he replaced the engines with 2009 Mercury Verado engines and the installation was finished in April 2021.  The age of the bottom paint is unknown.  He reported that he has replaced the port fuel tank, engines, batteries, electronics, and is in the process of various other maintenance including planning to replace the through hulls forward.  The vessel was inspected while afloat.  The engines were test operated in the slip and were touched into gear, no sea trial was performed.  The vessel is basically structurally sound and upon completion of the recommendations should be suitable for its intended purpose as a near coastal cruising and fishing vessel.

Overall Summary: Satisfactory – Good  

Standard form key:     We use subsection and overall ratings to summarize conditions found, based upon their appearance.  Ratings include: Not examined, Not applicable, Faulty, Marginal, Satisfactory, Good, Excellent. 





Removed for privacy

The actual cash value is the value that our research approximates the selling price of this vessel should be, at the time and place of our inspection.  Consideration is given to vessel’s condition, geographic location, published listings and guides, comparable sales and listings, and market conditions.  The new replacement value is the cost of this or a similar, new vessel, comparably equipped.  The investment is the reported investment including purchase price and significant upgrades.  No values include maintenance costs, storage or tax.  The most relevant data found while researching the value is included below.  We primarily use market value analysis methodology for determination of value.


Explanation of value opinion: The average sale price of similar vessels on Soldboats.com is $44,080 and the average current listing price of similar vessels on Yachtworld.com is $43,666.  The vessel is in average condition for its age and has upgraded electronics and has been repowered with Mercury Verado engines.  The port fuel tank has been replaced.  The data from Soldboats.com and Yachtworld.com has factored in the spike attributed to Covid-19.



Length in ft Boat Year Sold Date Sold Price Listed Price Boat Location
26 Glacier Bay 2690 Coastal Runner 2000 2-Dec-20 85,000 95,000 Burlington, WA, USA
26 World Cat 266 Leisure Cat 2000 23-Sep-20 42,000 49,900 Fort Myers Beach, FL, USA
26 Glacier Bay 260 Canyon Runner 2000 12-Sep-20 25,000 29,000 Port Aransas, TX, USA
26 Glacier Bay 2680 Coastal Runner 2000 24-Aug-20 94,800 94,800 Burlington, WA, USA
26 Glacier Bay 2680 Coastal Runner 1999 14-Aug-20 36,000 38,900 Plymouth, MA, USA
26 Glacier Bay 2680 Coastal Runner 1999 12-Aug-20 32,500 38,900 Plymouth, MA, USA
26 World Cat 266 Leisure Cat 2000 3-Aug-20 45,000 49,900 Fort Myers Beach, FL, USA
26 World Cat 266 SC 1999 22-May-20 34,000 39,900 Riverview, FL, USA
26 Glacier Bay 260 Canyon Runner 2000 11-Apr-20 31,000 34,500 Hull, MA, USA
26 Pro Sports Pro Kat 2650 2000 4-Mar-20 15,000 15,500 Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA

Glacier Bay Canyon Runner

US$34,000 *

26 ft / 1998

Chub Cay , Bahamas

Harbor Shoppers

Price Drop: US$3,000 (Apr 4)

Glacier Bay Canyon Runner 260

US$44,990 *

26 ft / 1998

Gibsonton, Florida, United States

All Florida Yacht Sales

Request Info

Glacier Bay 260 Canyon Runner

US$47,995 *

26 ft / 1998

Morehead City, North Carolina, United States

Sale Pending

Grand Slam Consignment Boat Sales


Bayliner 2503 Trophy Center Console

US$33,056 *

27 ft / 1998

Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom

Waterside Boat Sales – Poole

Pro-Line 2700 Sportsman

US$32,999 *

27 ft / 1999

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

National Liquidators

Bluefin 26 & Trailer

US$48,001 *

27 ft / 1997

Fairhaven, Massachusetts, United States

SouthCoast Yacht Sales Inc.


Glasstream 273 SCX

US$59,000 *

27 ft / 2000

Homestead, Florida, United States

Apollo Yachts

Request Info

Boston Whaler 26 Outrage

US$37,500 *

26 ft / 2000

Port Charlotte, Florida, United States


Custom Otech 26 MSB

US$25,000 *

26 ft / 1997

Benton Harbor, Michigan, United States

Pier 1000 Marina

Pice Drop: US$9,100 (Mar 26)

Intrepid 262 Center Console

US$49,900 *

26 ft / 1998

Miami, Florida, United States

Mar Azul Marine Group

Price Drop: US$500 (Mar 26)

Shamrock 260 Open

US$39,000 *

26 ft / 1997

Tierra Verde, Florida, United States

Tierra Verde Yacht Brokerage Inc.

World Cat 266 SF

US$62,890 *

26 ft / 1998

Somers Point, New Jersey, United States

Somers Point Marina


This survey is for the express purpose of insurance.  It is not meant as a buyer’s survey.




These recommendations are the surveyor’s ideas and suggestions for addressing deficiencies with damaged or suspect components or systems found during survey or general improvements.  The primary recommendations address safety items, structural issues, operational issues or deficiencies which the surveyor determines are of greater importance or more expense than secondary deficiencies.  For instance, items that pose a risk to passenger safety or immediate property damage are listed under primary deficiencies and cosmetic concerns are addressed under secondary deficiencies.  Most of the recommendations have been addressed in the comments and usually they are discussed at the time of the inspection.




  1. Maintain the fire extinguishers per NFPA recommendations.  Extinguishers should be inspected and tagged annually and inspected by a qualified technician or replaced every six years.
  2. Provide federally required, approved and current distress signal flares.
  3. Provide a secondary anchor and rode for use in emergencies or two anchor situations.
  4. Properly secure the fuel tank bonding wire for the port engine to the fill fitting.
  5. There is no AC over current protection for the shore power inlet.  Provide proper over current protection.
  6. The electrical outlet that is above the shore power inlet is not a GFCI outlet.  Replace the outlet with a GFCI outlet and prove it properly functional.
  7. The starboard fuel fill hose is cracked at the tank fitting.  Replace the hose.
  8. Provide an oil placard per federal regulations.
  9. The electric horn is currently disconnected and there is no suitable sound signaling device aboard.  Provide a suitable sound signaling device or reconnect/repair the electric horn and prove it properly functioning.
  10. Determine the cause of the gasoline smell about the starboard transom locker and in the starboard fuel tank area and address appropriately.
  11. The bow lights are both combination red/green lights.  Replace the lenses so that they are singular red and green.
  12. Properly connect the discharge hose to the starboard aft bilge pump.  The client contacted us after the survey and reported that he has replaced the aft bilge pumps and connected the discharge hose to the new pump.
  13. Service or replace the float switches for the two amidships bilge pumps and prove the switches and bilge pumps properly functional.
  14. There is a clamp missing on a fuel hose connection on the starboard engine.  Install a clamp.
  15. Determine why the engine exhaust water discharges from the flush hoses on the engines and address appropriately.
  16. There are smaller wires below larger wires on battery terminals.  Arrange the wires with smaller above larger per ABYC recommendations.
  17. Service the all-around light and prove it properly functional.


  1. The bait pump’s through hull valve and the head intake’s through hull valve are seized.  Service or replace the through hull valves and prove them properly functional.  The client contacted us after the survey and reported that the through hull valves have been replaced.
  2. Properly install a latch on the forward deck hatch as desired.
  3. There are cracks on the deck aft and forward.  Address as desired.


This survey sets forth the condition of the vessel and components, as specifically stated only, at the time of inspection and represents the surveyor’s honest and unbiased opinion.  No part of the vessel was disassembled or removed and no assumptions should be made as to the condition of concealed components.  Specifics were obtained from sources available at the time of inspection and are believed correct, but are not guaranteed to be accurate.

I/we certify that, to the best of my/our knowledge and belief:


The statements of fact contained in this report are true and correct. The reported analyses, opinions, and conclusions are limited only by the reported assumptions and limiting conditions, and are my/our personal, unbiased professional analyses, opinions, and conclusions. I/we have no present or prospective interest in the vessel that is the subject of this report, and I/we have no personal interest or bias with respect to the parties involved.  My/our compensation is not contingent upon the reporting of a predetermined value or direction in value that favors the cause of the client, the amount of the value estimate, the attainment of a stipulated result, or the occurrence of a subsequent event.  I/we have made a personal inspection of the vessel that is the subject of this report.  This report should be considered as an entire document.  No single section is meant to be used except as part of the whole.  This report is submitted without prejudice and for the benefit of whom it may concern.  This report does not constitute a warranty, either expressed, or implied, nor does it warrant the future condition of the vessel. It is a statement of the condition of the vessel at the time of survey only.   The submitting of this report creates no liability on the part of Christian & Company or the individual surveyor.  This survey report is not intended for use as a “buyer’s survey”.


Christian & Company, Marine Surveyors, Inc.


By:  Mr. Kells Manthei, SAMS SA