Tribute to the NuTone Blender

thY9PE9H7ZThe Nutone blender is a built in blender consisting of a motor which is mounted below a countertop with a rectangular stainless steel counter top fixture. The counter top fixture includes a round switch and a matching round cover for the rotating driver. Its flush mount and brown and stainless finish matched well with salmon countertops and avocado green appliances. The Nutone blender is one of the most iconic accessories on 1980’s motor vessels. It is a nostalgic device from my boating youth that brings a smile with each encounter.

Prior to my marine surveying career, which began in 1990, I captained several motor yachts in Florida. Most of these yachts were built in the United States or Taiwan, and most were equipped with the Nutone blender. In hot Florida climes, frozen margaritas and rum runners are logical first steps for a novice captain and bartender and thus began my love of the Nutone.

If you are unfamiliar with a Nutone blender, you haven’t paid attention when you were aboard vintage motor yachts. As iconic as the slinky and the pet rock, but much more practical, the Nutone is also a food processor and knife sharpener. That pipe smoking, smartly dressed yachtsman that you see walking down your dock has a Nutone on his vessel.

It should be noted that these blenders were not sold exclusively to vessels in hot climates. Lake Havasu City boat builders have no choice but to include this accessory as a standard option. “60 miles per hour with a blender” is a modern sales pitch in the desert, but the Nutone sales force cornered the world wide motor yacht market in the 1980’s. It was not only the most prolific blender aboard but the most prolific non-essential piece of galley equipment, far exceeding the Broan trash compactor.

Oh, what a cyclonic sales force Nutone must have employed in those whirl wind days. To this fantastic sales team and their incredible market share we have one clear and obvious salute… Cheers!